This is What Happens When You Have 3 Doctors for 140,000 People

This is What Happens When You Have 3 Doctors for 140,000 People

Babes To the Slaughter – DRC, 2010: A shocking and powerful report on Congo’s primitive medical infrastructure, disturbing images out of touch with the moder…



Karisha Guevarra says:

Why did they pushing it on the top of a pregnant woman and a man power what
the this is the wrong way ……

ERROR says:

This is RIDICULOUS. Even in the ANCIENT times people still know that you
should NOT be pushing with all your strength on a pregnant woman’s
stomach!! You might end up harming the baby, and to have a guy on top of
her putting ALL his weight on her stomach? What the hell is this? Have
these people no common sense?!?!?
This is …. unbelievable.

Roxana Love says:

and so many people i know complain about the united states. I feel so
blessed everyday to be born in the US and have my children here. the people
complaining may not have a lot but your not suffering like woman in these
places. I wish i was rich so i could send them supplies nobody should have
to go thru this ever. In tears most of this video it was extremely hard to
watch being pregnant myself.

Dora Andino says:

Extremely touching video especially watching a baby dead from the womb very
hard and the way these young girls get pregnant and aren’t able to birth
naturally is just heartbreaking….

Leah Williams says:

Made me cry

christina padillo says:

what I don’t understand is why these people keep reproducing if they know
they have no medical help I don’t care who you are or where you live you
know and are completely aware of your surroundings wouldn’t you try to
prevent another life from coming into that? 

denise stowe says:


InnannasRainbow says:

Lying on your back is the worst way to give birth. I don’t think having
someone bouncing and pushing on your belly wouldn’t be very good.

nolan blackman says:

I’m so wonderfull that I felth good.

Tiago Filippi says:

You video is one fuck

Vanessa Guerra says:

This was so hard to watch.

Cerine McGregor says:

I agree! I’m a doula and after watching this you can be sure I’ll be doing
what I can to get over there. Time to educate myself first. Watching this
was hard.

Misspreggo2k11 says:

I woulda kicked them in the face for mashing on my belly that hard. Smh.
Club foot my ass that man broke that baby’s leg!

caycay4722 says:

They fuck that baby up pushing down on it like that then wonder why it
wasn’t breathing.

Sayida Peprah says:

Some problems are not solvable, this is solvable, immediately with a little
effort and money. I know hundred of doulas and midwives who would serve for
years to provide these services, money is the only factor. When I am
wealthy, I know exactly where my money will be needed. In the meantime, all
of these women are in my prayers.

S leep says:

poor women, while politicians live in luxury

S leep says:

men are pigs

trishasmith0612 says:

I do feel sorry for these people and their healthcare system but we need to
be thankful that they do have some sort of care.

lizziiturtle says:

Why are they pressing down hard on the stomach? Is that even ok? That’s
probably why the baby’s foots messed up. This is horrible. Can they hold
the baby by their freaking leg like that and shake them? Wtf is going on!!
I feel so bad for them

Libertine DeSade says:

Yeah, no kidding… But I’m talking about THIS village. Thanks for
attempting to “educate” me but please learn context beforehand. You start
with one village and go on from there.

jill touchette says:

LOL – god bless them? Are you kidding?

jill touchette says:

One village? How about 80% of the entire continent.


this is a sad documentary.. but i have to say this old lady ( doctor here
is not that much prepared herself ) the baby is big it can not come out …
are we serious ? we are fighting for the woman right to have a home birth
because guess what ? a woman can deliver her baby. her cervix will open up
and the baby will come out. I just wish those people were living in better



Libertine DeSade says:

This breaks my heart and makes me angry at the same time. The women are
suffering and enduring it mostly alone, while the men are doing what?? They
need to get some birth control over there. My god, pharmaceutical companies
and the medicine industry in general makes BILLIONS, I’m sure donating to a
small village like this won’t break their banks. Humanity as a whole should
be ashamed that we allow this to go on. I have to get over there and help

Alexis Smith says:

I’m so glad i live in the usa now cause both my children are healthy and

Gee Cee says:

With a situation like this, they should help instead of fighting trillion
dollar wars based on lies.

Gee Cee says:

You ignorant backwooded asshole. They need true health care no matter how
they ‘breed’. You need a good slap upside the face for being such a cold
hearted asshole

lany xup says:

Damn that was gut wrenching watching that women press on the pregnant
ladies stomach. No big shock the baby died later on.

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